KDD DSAI4RS Workshop Accepted Paper List

  1. Modeling Complex Dependencies for Session-based Recommendations via Graph Neural Networks

  2. FD-GATDR: A Federated-Decentralized-Learning Graph Attention Network for Doctor Recommendation Using EHR

  3. On the Relationship between Counterfactual Explainer and Recommender: A Framework and Preliminary Observations

  4. Evolution of Popularity Bias: Empirical Study and Debiasing

  5. Modeling Multi-interest News Sequence for News Recommendation

  6. An Approach to Ensure Fairness in News Articles

  7. On Curating Responsible and Representative Healthcare Video Recommendations for Patient Education and Health Literacy: An Augmented Intelligence Approach

  8. Horizontal Federated Learning and Secure Distributed Training for Recommendation System with Intel SGX

  9. MAFD: A Federated Distillation Approach with Multi-head Attention for Recommendation Task